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Magic Mechanic Orlando Brake Repair
Magic Mechanic Orlando Brake Repair

  At the first sign of a problem with your brakes, head over to Magic Mechanic.  Don't put it off. Each time you drive your car with brakes that are not functioning properly, you put yourself and everyone you encounter on the road in danger. Not being able to slow down or stop when you need to could prove to be fatal, which is why you need to make brake repairs a priority when you first notice signs of a problem.

  The most common types of brake repairs are brake pad replacements. A disc brake system involves the use of calipers that grip the brake rotors in order to stop the vehicle. Pads provide a cushion for the process, which reduces wear and tear on the rotors. If you notice changes in the amount of pressure required to slow down or stop, your pads are likely worn out.  If you don't maintain your brake pads, you will wear out your rotors more quickly. Worn rotors can significantly affect your ability to slow down or stop when you need to. It may feel as if you are pumping your brakes when trying to slow down, due to air in your brake system as a result of worn rotors. 

  Your brake fluid is part of a hydraulic system that causes compression of the fluid when you apply your brakes, which allows the calipers, with the aid of the brake pads, grip the rotor to slow down your vehicle.  Moisture can get into your brake lines, and the water, unlike brake fluid, becomes steamy when heated. The steam does not work as well for compression as the brake fluid, which can affect your braking performance.

Our techs have seen it all and are ready to help you with:

  • Brake diagnostics and repair
  • Brake pads, shoes and calipers
  • Wheel cylinder and rotor replacement
  • Disc brake repair and replacement
  • Motor resurfacing, drum machining 
  • Master cylinders
  • Rotor replacement
  • Power brake booster
  • Anti lock brake (ABS) pump and module
  • Vehicle stability control (VSS), (VSC)
  • Wheel speed sensors
  • Brake System Flush

Drive into Magic Mechanic today or give us a call at 407-629-2661.