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Magic Mechanic Electrical System
Magic Mechanic Electrical System

  When there's a problem with your car's electrical system, bring to the experts at Magic Mechanic.  Electrical malfunctions are not something you want to tackle on your own or you may find yourself with short circuiting or other various electrical issues.

  When you come in for an electrical diagnosis on your vehicle, Magic Mechanics' technical  will check all components of the electrical system, including:

  • Electrical system, shorts,  blown fuses and relays
  • Alternators, starter motors, solenoids and batteries
  • Switches, modules, computers, control units, and wiring
  • Wiring repairs, re-wire, horn repair and burn jobs
  • Power window motors, power window regulators, power sliding doors and power seats
  • Electric tail gates, power door locks and ignition switch
  • Cruise control switch, cruise control modules and window switches
  • Door lock switches and climate control systems
  • Light bulb replacement, head light repair and automatic head lights
  • Electronic steering, shift lock systems, radio replacement and speaker replacement
  • Amplifier replacement, navigation systems and  turn signal switch
  • Windshield wiper repair, wiper motor and power mirrors
  • Electric fuel pumps, fuel sending unit and  instrument cluster.

If you suspect an electrical malfunction in your automobile, big or small, come to Magic Mechanic  today.