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Call Magic Mechanic For Emergencies
Call Magic Mechanic For Emergencies

  There's never a good time for your car to break down, but it happens.  If it happens to you during business hours and you cannot drive your car to Magic Mechanic, then please call our partner towing company Bartlett Towing at 407-296-6993.  Tell them that you want to be towed to our facility.  It would help us if you can call ahead and let us know you're on the way. 

  If your car breaks down after hours or over the weekend, we're still ready to help you.  If your car is not drivable, call our towing companyBartlett Towing at 407-296-6993and tell them you want to be towed to Magic Mechanic.   They can make it easy for you.  They will bring it to us and leave your information and we can talk to you about it the next business day.

  If you are able to drive it to us, please park your car in a space in front of the building entrance where it's well lit.  Take your keys with your information and drop your key into the slot.  We will talk with you the next business day about what's wrong with your vehicle. 

  Magic Mechanic looks forward to help you everyday and we are there for you during emergencies.