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Magic Mechanic Pleased To Be #1 Indie Garage in Florida to Carry Jasper Engines and Transmissions

  Aug 11, 2011 – The Magic Mechanic, Central Florida’s premier garage for auto vehicle service and repair, is proud to represent Jasper Engines and Transmissions as the largest provider of its products in Florida. Jasper Engines and Transmissions has over 1,500 associates and 38 branch and distributor locations to provide their services to customers, including Central Florida. Jasper’s company mission is to offer remanufactured products to customers so they can get better value for their car components. It is an alternative to purchasing a used vehicle of unknown performance or a new vehicle at a far greater cost.

  Jasper has been remanufacturing quality engines and transmissions since 1942. Today Jasper is the nation’s largest remanufacturer of gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, marine engines, stern drives, performance engines, and electronic motors.

  Some facts about Jasper remanufactured components:

• Every remanufactured product is thoroughly tested and/or inspected for quality assurance.
• Jasper provides immediate availability on most popular units.
• Jasper offers fast turn-around custom remanufacturing programs.
• Jasper remanufactured products are built to industry specifications that are equal to or more exact than those used by the original equipment manufacturer.
• Jasper remanufactured products are backed by nationwide warranties -up to 3 Years/100,000 Miles. Twenty-four hour, seven day emergency warranty

“We are very happy about the quality and longevity of Jasper products,” says Larry Perry. “It’s our undertaking to remain the #1 provider in Florida of these excellent engines and transmissions.”

The Magic Mechanic Radio Show Celebrates 20 Years on the Radio

  Jun 22, 2011 – The Magic Mechanic, Central Florida’s premier garage for auto vehicle service and repair, is proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Magic Mechanic Radio Show.” The creator of the show, Larry Perry, is also the owner of The Magic Mechanic. The show is broadcasted on 580 WDBO every Saturday from 3:00-5:00, taking calls from listeners that need professional help with their car problems.

  580 WDBO is Central Florida’s source for breaking news, weather, and the expert advice of business owners located in the region. Founded in 1924, 580 WDBO is affiliated with CBS, NBC Talknet, ABC, CNN, and is broadcasted to the millions of residents in Orlando and its surrounding cities.

  The radio show, which began in 1991, is the first call-in talk show on WDBO to feature an expert in their field. The goal of the show is to educate listeners on vehicle maintenance and repair so they can be well-versed, knowledgeable customers in auto repair shops. The Magic Mechanic show also provides car repair money saving advice and vehicle maintenance tips for nearly any year, make and model car or truck.

  “I’m ecstatic that the show is moving right along after two decades,” says Larry Perry. “Just the idea of how many people made better automobile choices because of the show is satisfying.”

The Magic Mechanic Celebrates 10 Years of A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

  Jun 16, 2011 – The Magic Mechanic, Central Florida’s premier garage for auto vehicle service and repair, is proud to announce the 10th anniversary of their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The Magic Mechanic is one of the BBB accredited businesses in the automotive sector of Central Florida. This, along with meeting the criteria of the BBB, has garnered the outstanding grade of A+.

  The Magic Mechanic was carefully screened by the BBB for accreditation eligibility. Proper trade practices, customer responsiveness, and excellent cooperation with the BBB are necessary for a business to be put in the good faith of the BBB. The BBB actively monitors The Magic Mechanic to ensure the public is informed about the adherence to proper regulations and standards that The Magic Mechanic upholds.

  The Better Business Bureau basis their selection on a complex series of algorithms that calculate the following:

• Type of business
• Length of time in business
• Compliance with license requirements
• Volume of complaints
• Severity of complaints
• Ability to address and rectify complaints

  The Magic Mechanic has excelled in these aspects, especially in the area of “volume of complaints”, which is extremely low for a business of this nature.

  “We are ecstatic about a decade with an A+ rating with the BBB,” says Larry Perry, owner of The Magic Mechanic ( Orlando ). “We have every intention of maintaining this rating so we can give our clients the exceptional service they deserve.”