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Magic Mechanic Steering & Suspension
Magic Mechanic Steering & Suspension

  A car suspension system is designed to maximize friction between the road surface and the vehicle's tire, enhance passenger comfort and provide steering stability. Magic Mechanic's team of experts knows how to diagnosis a problem with the suspension system.  You may have a problem if you're experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Pulling to the left or right is the most common sign of suspension problems. It can also be one of the hardest problems to diagnose without the help of a professional. 
  • A rough ride is a clear indicator your shocks or struts could be worn and in need of replacement. When every bump on the road makes your car bounce, you’ve got suspension problems and need to get it checked out.
  • When your car is on level ground, but one corner sits lower than the others, you’ve likely got a damaged spring.
  • If you find steering is especially difficult, especially when you’re moving slowly, something might be wrong with your suspension. 
  • If you have badly cupped tires or noticeable tire shaking, wheel shimmy or vibration after hitting a bump.

   If you have similar issues, please drive to Magic Mechanic and let us help you with: 

  • Steering & Suspension, alignment and 4 wheel alignment
  • Computer alignment, body bushings and torsion bars
  • Sway bars, links, bushings, shocks, struts, bearing plates and strut towers
  • Air shocks, automatic ride control and control arms
  • Ball joints, tie rods, steering rack and steering box
  • Power steering pump, steering hoses and Pittman arm
  • Drag link, steering column and electric power steering
  • Coil spring, leaf spring, lift kit and suspension lift.